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Bone Marrow Concentrate

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Bone Marrow Concentrate?

BMC (Bone Marrow Concentrate) is a method of extracting stem cells from a patient and then injecting them into an area that is causing them pain to increase healing in that area. This procedure is a on the cutting edge of stem cell treatments and has the ability to treat a variety of issues such as Osteoarthritis and a wide variety of tendon injuries. BMC is also a viable alternative to many joint replacement surgeries. 

What Conditions are commonly treated with a Bone Marrow Concentrate?

  • Back 
    • Degenerative Disc Disease
    • Facet Joint and Sacroiliac Joint Arthritis
  • Knee 
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Tendon Injuries
    • Muscle Injuries
    • Ligament Sprains
  • Arm and Shoulder
    • Rotator Cuff Tears or Tendonitis
    • Golf/Tennis Elbow
    • Bicipital Tendonitis
  • Foot and Lower Leg 
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Shin Splints
    • Ankle Sprains or Ligament Injuries
    • Achilles Tendonitis or Partial Tears

What happens during the procedure?

Before the procedure there will be a consult with the physician to ensure that you are a good candidate for this procedure. After this you will have an appointment at our surgery center. The procedure will being with the physician drawing out your bone marrow through your hip bone. The bone marrow will then be concentrated and purified to allow us to collect the stem cells within your bone marrow. Then these stem cells will be injected into an injured area under the guidance of a fluoroscopy or ultrasound machine. 

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure usually takes about an hour.

What happens after the procedure is over?

A follow up visit will be scheduled for 3-4 weeks after the injection. Once the procedure is completed there may be an achy or sore feeling near the injection site. This achy or sore feeling is actually a positive sign that the healing effects of the BMC have started working. This effect should dissipate after a few days. 


After the injection it is important to not take anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin. These medications may block the effects of the BMC. Research has shown that BMC injections are very safe and have a minimal risk for adverse events. The risk for complications is so low because the stem cells that are extracted are from the patients own body. This means there is virtually no chance for disease transmission or rejection of these cells.