(AAMG) Age Management Medicine Conference

By: Our Team


Our owners, Dr. William James and Holly James, attended the (AAMG) Age Management Medicine Conference with some of the country's brightest and cutting edge-minded individuals.

The conference covered a wide range of topics related to age management, including longevity, the pillars of health & wellness, athletic performance optimization & recovery, treatments and modalities to reverse aging, treatments and supplements to enhance metabolic function and decrease inflammation, weight loss strategies and improve cognitive function and so much more.

Our owners gained a wealth of information from this conference and are excited to bring new services to optimize your health and wellness.

Some of the new services are: Biological Age Testing vs Chronological Age. Also, Stool Testing to determine what prebiotics and probiotics your Microbiome has and custom compounding  the prebiotics and probiotics for “your individual needs.”  

We are so proud of our leaders who are always striving to provide the most cutting edge products and services to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness, and longevity. 

Come see us at Vitality Health & Wellness and achieve optimal Health, Wellness and longevity services to help you live your best life!

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