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Every treatment plan is optimally supported by pharmaceutical-grade supplements, known as nutraceuticals. These patented formulas are designed to help men and women seeking treatment for hormone imbalance achieve maximal results and get a complete solution for their symptoms. All nutraceuticals are tested by a 3rd party manufacturer to ensure the quality of each supplement.


Optimizes hormone therapy. Supports bone formation, positive mood, cardiovascular health and weight loss goals. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Prevents some cancers (such as breast and colon.)


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2 (as MK-7)

Free of:

  • Gluten
  • Soy

Price: $26 (60 Vegetarian Capsules)

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ADK 10

Optimizes hormone therapy. Supports bone formation, positive mood, cardiovascular health and weight loss goals. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Prevents some cancers (such as breast and colon.)


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2 (as MK-7)

Free of:

  • Gluten
  • Soy

Price: $35 (90 Vegetarian Capsules)

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AEON Life Rejuvenation (APEIRON Elementals, LLC)

This Longevity Formula is made of a unique blend of research-banked ingredients.


  • Spermidine
  • Ca-AKG
  • NMN
  • Dihydroberberine
  • Tetrahydrocurcumin
  • L-Ergothioneine

This combination was designed to mitigate aging and rejuvenate the body all the way down to the cellular level.

Price: $150 (90 Vegetarian Capsules)

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Recommended for healthy detoxification, to support healthy cognitive function, enhance mood, increase energy, ease stress, stimulate the immune system, prevent migraines, soothe skin conditions, and support healthy cholesterol levels.


  • 11 balanced B Vitamins

Free of:

  • Gluten
  • Soy

Price: $29 (90 Vegetarian Capsules)

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Complete Mag

Free of:

  • Gluten
  • Soy

Price: $24 (120 Vegetarian Capsules)

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Iodine Complete

Recommended daily to detoxify, boost the immune system, support essential production and balance of thyroid and sex hormones.

Key in hormone metabolism for your thyroid and sex hormones. It can also help with allergies, fibrocystic breasts and decrease breast cancer risk.

Price: $26 (90 Capsules)

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HRT Complete (E)

DIM + Sulforaphane + CoQ10 + Vit B6 + Folate + Vit B12 + Fenusmart

Helps with the metabolism of your hormones, especially estrogen: pushing it down the good pathway to reduce belly fat and reduce "bad"/cancer promoting estrogens.

Helps with libido, mental clarity, mood, detoxification, blood sugar, and weight.

Price: $48 (60 Capsules)

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HRT Complete (T)

DIM + Sulforaphane + CoQ10 + Vit B6 + Folate + Vit B12 + PrimaVie Shilijit

Helps with hormone metabolism and can clinically increase free testosterone to help energy. Added ingredients promote better mood, mental clarity, detoxification, blood sugar and weight.

Price: $66 (60 Capsules)

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Omega Plus

Recommended for weight loss, boosting immunity, cardiovascular protection, cholesterol lowering, promoting healthy mood and mental clarity and reducing inflammation.

It has a positive impact on cholesterol and reduces heart disease. It can also help with weight loss and reduces inflammation that can cause pain and chronic disease.


  • High Yield Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplement
  • Vitamin D3

Free of:

  • Gluten
  • Soy

Price: $25 (60 Softgels)

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Sleep Formula

This unique formula, compounded by our lab, has properties that can positively affect sleep cycles and moods.

Price: $30 (60 Capsules)

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ProdromeGlia™: PROTECTOR

It's important to take care of our brain health, and ProdromeGlia™ can help with that. Our brains rely on glial cells to support and protect neurons in the white matter, and inflammation can unfortunately decrease the plasmalogens that these cells need. ProdromeGlia™ contains the necessary building blocks to help keep these important cells healthy.

ProdromeGlia™ is a revolutionary product that can help you take care of your brain health. Plasmalogens, which are essential for the health of nerve, heart, lung, eye, and kidney cells, tend to decrease with age and disease. As a result, it becomes challenging for the body to produce enough of these critical molecules to meet the demands. ProdromeGlia™ provides the necessary building blocks to support the health of these crucial cells. Plasmalogens are highly concentrated in vital organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, and kidneys. Unfortunately, it's not possible to get enough plasmalogens through your diet alone, as they get degraded in the gut. Give ProdromeGlia™ a try to support your brain health and overall well-being.

Price: $ (60 Softgels)

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Cognitive Ultra W/ Relora

Helps stabilize levels of the stress hormone cortisol Supports neurotransmitters that optimize mood Works to regulate melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep Helps to manage stress-related challenges such as irritability, emotional ups & downs, restlessness, tense muscles, poor sleep and concentration difficulties Shown to reduce stress related cravings for carbohydrate

Price: $42 (60 Capsules)

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ProdromeNeuro™: PERFORMANCE

We age, our brain's ability to process and transmit information can become compromised. But with ProdromeNeuro™, we can nourish the neurons in our gray matter with plasmalogen building blocks, helping to ensure that our minds stay sharp and focused.

Plasmalogens are no ordinary lipids - they are essential molecules that play a crucial role in maintaining the health of nerve, heart, lung, eye, and kidney cells. However, as we age or suffer from diseases, our bodies may not be able to produce enough plasmalogens to keep up with the demands. These vital molecules are concentrated in key organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, and kidneys. Unfortunately, getting enough plasmalogens through our diet is impossible as they are degraded in the gut.

Price: $ (60 Softgels)

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Nutrafol Men's Supplement

Nutrafol Men is the number one hair growth supplement brand recommended by dermatologists. This physician-formulated supplement has been clinically tested to visibly improve hair growth, thickness, and scalp coverage. It targets six root causes that can trigger thinning hair, including stress and hormones like DHT. Nutrafol Men features a proprietary blend of 21 vitamin, minerals, and natural ingredients, such as Tocotrienol Complex, Saw Palmetto, Curcumin, and Ashwagandha, all of which work together to promote healthy hair growth.

Price: $79

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Nutrafol: Women's Best Supplement

We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and proud of her hair. Hair thinning can be distressing, but our daily hair growth supplement is here to help you overcome this issue. The Nutrafol physician-formulated product is backed by science and targets the root causes of thinning, such as stress, lifestyle, and nutrition. Our award-winning formula promotes faster hair growth, thicker and fuller hair, and stronger hair. Taking just 4 pills in one easy step as part of your daily wellness routine requires minimal effort, and the results are worth it. Let us help you on your journey to healthier, more beautiful hair.

Price: $79

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Nutrafol Womens Hair Growth Serum

The Nutrafol Hair Serum is a physician-formulated hair serum designed to support visible hair thickness and strength while simultaneously reducing visible breakage. The serum includes patent-pending Ashwagandha Exosome technology to replenish nutrients directly at the scalp, and is characterized by its lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy properties. To achieve optimal results, apply the serum once daily to the scalp, and pair it with Nutrafol hair growth supplements.

The serum features a blend of vegan ingredients, including Ashwagandha Exosomes, Irish Moss Peptides, and Pea Sprout Extract, each of which is science-backed and validated by clinical trials. Specifically designed for women, one 1.7 fl oz bottle of this clinically tested scalp serum is all it takes to achieve visibly thicker, stronger hair in as little as 90 days

Price: $69

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Nutrafol Shampoo & Conditioner

Nutrafol Shampoo: We understand that finding the right shampoo can be a challenge. It's important to balance keeping your scalp clean without causing damage. Using harsh shampoos can strip your scalp, while relying on dry shampoo and other products can clog your scalp's pores.

The Nutrafol sulfate-free shampoo deeply cleanses and removes excess oil without causing harm. Our natural formula has been clinically proven to promote healthy hair growth, leaving you with visibly thicker and stronger hair.

Nutrafol Conditioner: Transform your hair with Nutrafol's physician-formulated conditioner. The stand defender conditioner is clinically proven to improve elasticity, replenish moisture, and strengthen thinning hair. The lightweight formula provides multi-layer protection against damage caused by color-treating, heat-styling, and wet-brushing. Unlike other conditioners that merely mask damage, our silicone-free formula promotes healthy, strong, and moisturized hair that shines with vitality.

Price: $44 each

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Includes live Akkermansia – a next generation beneficial strain that is essential for gut health. Now available exclusively from Pendulum as a daily probiotic.

  • Improves gut health
  • strengthens gut lining & reduces gut permeability
  • increases glp-1 production


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GLP-1 Probiotic


Pendulum GLP-1 Probiotic, a breakthrough multi-strain probiotic meticulously formulated to naturally increase GLP-1, known as the "un-hunger" hormone. This unique blend of beneficial bacteria helps curb cravings and appetite, promoting a healthy balance in your digestive system.

Experience the science-backed support of Pendulum GLP-1 Probiotic on your journey towards improved well-being.

Price: $61

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Metabolic Daily


Metabolic Daily is a live multi-strain probiotic that naturally replenishes your gut microbiome to optimize your metabolism and helps maintain a healthy weight.

  • Helps Metabolize sugars & Carbs 
  • Converts food into energy more efficiently
  • Sustains energy levels 

Price: $65

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