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By: Our Team



We are so excited to welcome the TheraPro Multi-Therapeutic Healing Pad to the Vitality family!

This cutting-edge device offers seven powerful healing modalities in one.

1. PEMF with 9 Individual Settings

2. Red Light Photon Technology

3. GEM Stones Technology

4. Full Spectrum InfraRed Heat


6. EMF Remediation( Harmonizing, Shielding  & Blocking)

7. Earthing/Grounding Technology - Negative Ions

The healing technologies in our TheraPro device can offer numerous benefits to support the body's natural healing and regenerative processes.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy may include:

•Improved mitochondrial function

•Increased energy levels

•Boosted collagen

•Melatonin production for better sleep

•Reduced inflammation

•Enhanced mood and reduced hair loss

•Decreased joint and tendon pain

•Improved athletic performance and recovery

•Better drainage and increased relaxation

•Detoxification and pain relief

•Reduced muscle tension

•Support for weight loss and clearer skin

Our Red Light Therapy combines gemstones, PEMF, full spectrum infrared, TENS, and negative ion technologies to be the ONLY device to combine these healing modalities into one powerful tool. We are also distributors for Therasauge! Try red light therapy from the comfort from your home!

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