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Factors including imbalanced hormones and lifestyle can result in early receding hairlines at just about all stages of life for men and women alike. Androgenetic alopecia, also referred to as female and male pattern baldness, is known as a very frequent type of hair loss, leading to receding, patchy hair that, at some point, may go away altogether and wreak havoc on your self-confidence. At Vitality Health and Wellness Center, we offer TED™ by Alma, along with the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula, as a cutting-edge solution to stimulate hair repair. Acoustic waves and the force of air from the TED system supply the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula directly into your follicles to promote blood circulation while simultaneously providing essential growth factors needed to grow, enhance, and secure the hair. To explore the benefits of this nonsurgical procedure, arrange an appointment with Amanda McDole's team at our facility in Toledo, OH.

When you come in for your hair restoration treatment at Vitality Health and Wellness Center, you will sit in a comfortable chair in one of our private treatment rooms. Because this procedure is noninvasive, you should not experience any pain or need any anesthesia. Most patients find the treatment to be relaxing and tolerable. As a member of our team applies the TED handpiece to your scalp, acoustic sound energy and the force of air from this high-end system will supply the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula deeper into the scalp. This method encourages blood flow while simultaneously delivering essential nutrients needed to lengthen, fortify, and anchor the hair.

Discover the many benefits of opting for nonsurgical hair restoration at Vitality Health and Wellness Center, a choice that combines efficiency with noninvasive techniques. Here's why it stands out:

  • Less invasive than surgical alternatives
  • Quicker return to daily routines
  • Seamless blend with existing hair
  • Tailored treatments to suit individual needs
  • Generally fewer complications involved
  • Flaunt a fuller, healthier head of hair
  • Typically involves lesser pain than surgical procedures

Am I A Candidate For Hair Restoration?

If you live in Toledo, OH, and struggle with hair thinning or loss issues, you may be the perfect fit for hair restoration through TED. This cutting-edge method is tailored for people searching for efficient ways to fight hair loss caused by hormonal shifts, genetics, aging, or other factors. Those who prefer nonsurgical approaches for natural hair regrowth often turn to TED. If you are considering this option, we can help determine if TED is the best solution for bringing back your hair's fullness and boosted self-assurance.

I've been seeing Amanda and her fabulous team for HRT for about a year. It was the best decision I made all year. I went from an exhausted, sleep deprived 74 year old crone to a spry, vibrant and sexy senior gadabout. I feel like I'm 50 again. Don't listen to doctors who do not specialize in women's health. I've been hormone deprived unnecessarily since having a hysterectomy thirty years ago. Do not put off getting your energy and good nights sleep back. Call Vitality today.

N.D. Google

I started my journey with Vitality and Amanda McDole over a year ago. Amanda is by far the most caring and dedicated practitioner I have come across. She is knowledgeable in her field and cares about each and every patient she sees. I suffer from PCOS and hyperthyroidism. I had no energy, had gained a large amount of weight and had no real motivation. I am happy to say that I am now down 55 pounds, I have more energy, focus and for the first time in a long time I feel truly happy. I have also had Laser Hair Removal for the first time. The experience was seamless from start to finish. I had my bikini area done and could not believe how fast and painless the whole process was. The Soprano system by Alama is AMAZING.

A.K. Google

Everyone here is so friendly. They have been on time or even early with all of my appointments. Amanda is great! She gets to the point and tells you exactly what you need and does not try to sell you more products/treatments you don't need! Your PCP is going to tell you you're fine and everything is normal so they won't treat you. Very low side of normal isn't normal and these guys will have you feeling like yourself again in no time!! I was miserable until having my pellets placed. So grateful.

R.W. Google

This has been life changing for me. Having the hormone replacement and laser hair removal the best decision I ever did for myself. Amanda is amazing and Amanda at the front office is superior!! ❤️

K.B. Google

Vitality Health and Wellness Center has really helped me begin my journey on becoming a better and healthier person. Their entire team has been been supportive and helpful 😊

S.G. Google


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After undergoing hair restoration with TED, you can expect a short and comfortable recovery period. This innovative procedure, which involves no pain or anesthesia, allows for a quick return to daily activities, making it an ideal solution for those seeking minimal disruption. Following the treatment, patients often notice improvements in hair thickness and health, thanks to enhanced blood circulation and the delivery of essential growth factors to the follicles. With tailored treatments to suit individual needs, our team ensures a personalized approach to achieving a fuller, healthier head of hair.

How much hair loss is normal?

It's common to lose between 50 to 150 strands of hair per day. If you notice other signs like a thinner ponytail or a receding hairline, it could indicate a type of hair loss. In such cases, diagnosing the cause is crucial. TED Hair Restoration in Toledo, OH, offers comprehensive assessments to identify the underlying causes of hair loss.

What are common causes of hair loss?

Common types include alopecia areata, where hair falls out in patches due to an autoimmune response, and androgenetic alopecia, a genetic condition causing progressive hair thinning. Men typically experience a receding hairline, while women experience overall thinning and widening of the part line. TED Hair Restoration at Vitality Health and Wellness Center offers treatments tailored to these different types of hair loss.

What lifestyle factors cause hair loss?

Hair loss can be accelerated by over-styling, genetic factors, tight hairstyles, harsh chemical products, smoking, and an inflammatory diet. These factors can damage or constrict blood vessels, hindering healthy hair growth. It's important to note that regular hair dyeing, shampooing, or combing, when done correctly, does not cause hair loss.

Experience the future of noninvasive hair restoration with TED in Toledo, OH. This state-of-the-art technology can stimulate hair growth to give you a fuller head and renewed self-assurance without the downtime associated with other more invasive methods. Reach out to Amanda McDole and her team at Vitality Health and Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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