Anti-Aging Supplements in Toledo, OH

At Vitality Health and Wellness Center in Toledo, OH, we offer anti-aging supplement programs tailored to your specific needs. These supplements are intended to complement a balanced diet, targeting deficiencies that can adversely affect your skin, muscles, and bones. By focusing on personalized nutrition, our programs aim to help you feel and look your best, regardless of your age. Interested in taking control of your aging process through scientifically backed supplements? Reach out to us to schedule a consultation with our expert team, and discover your personalized anti-aging strategy.

Anti-aging supplements try to target the cellular and metabolic processes that contribute to the aging process, offering benefits like enhanced skin quality, improved energy levels, and better cognitive function. At Vitality Health and Wellness Center in Toledo, OH, we provide personalized anti-aging supplement programs to help you age gracefully while optimizing overall well-being.

Some of the supplements available at our office include:

  • Omegas
  • NAD+
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • B Complex Vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • AEON Anti-Aging Complex
  • Prodrome Glia Protector
  • Prodrome Neuro Plasmalogens Performance

At Vitality Health and Wellness Center in Toledo, OH, we personalize anti-aging supplement regimens to meet your individual needs and optimize your well-being. A few of the advantages of taking anti-aging supplements include:

  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Boosted energy
  • Enhanced skin quality
  • Helps maintain focus and mental acuity
  • Contributes to muscle and joint health

I've been seeing Amanda and her fabulous team for HRT for about a year. It was the best decision I made all year. I went from an exhausted, sleep deprived 74 year old crone to a spry, vibrant and sexy senior gadabout. I feel like I'm 50 again. Don't listen to doctors who do not specialize in women's health. I've been hormone deprived unnecessarily since having a hysterectomy thirty years ago. Do not put off getting your energy and good nights sleep back. Call Vitality today.

N.D. Google

Everyone here is so friendly. They have been on time or even early with all of my appointments. Amanda is great! She gets to the point and tells you exactly what you need and does not try to sell you more products/treatments you don't need! Your PCP is going to tell you you're fine and everything is normal so they won't treat you. Very low side of normal isn't normal and these guys will have you feeling like yourself again in no time!! I was miserable until having my pellets placed. So grateful.

R.W. Google


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If you are experiencing signs of aging such as fatigue, decreased energy, or cognitive decline, you might be a candidate for anti-aging supplements at Vitality Health and Wellness Center. Ideal candidates are those looking to enhance their overall well-being, boost vitality, and support their body's natural aging process. A consultation will help determine your specific needs and the appropriate supplements to address your concerns, ensuring a personalized approach to achieving optimal health and longevity.

How much do anti-aging supplements cost?

The price of anti-aging supplements will vary from patient to patient depending on a number of components. During your consult, our team will listen to your goals and assess your situation to create a unique treatment plan. At that point, we’ll be able to provide an accurate cost estimate.

How often do I need to take anti-aging supplements?

The frequency you take your supplements will likely vary based on your treatment plan. However, in most cases, patients will be taking their anti-aging supplements daily.

Can I exceed my recommended dosage of anti-aging supplements?

No. It is very important that you do not exceed the dosage recommended by our team. Taking more than this amount could lead to unwanted health problems in the short and long term.

Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for overall well-being, but anti-aging supplements can provide that extra edge in your quest for longevity and vitality. At Vitality Health and Wellness Center in Toledo, OH, our experts can guide you through our tailored anti-aging supplemental programs. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of which supplements can enhance your appearance and overall health. To discover how to seamlessly integrate the right anti-aging supplements into your daily routine alongside your meals, reach out to us for a consultation.

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